After realizing my Admin status i would like to put out that we both a background, a home button picture, and a favicon for the wiki. If any of you have idea's I'm open to hear them and if you got any just inform me and i see to it that it is posted. Once the visuals are done I'm gonna have to lay a set of rules out for wikians to follow by, as of now no more anonymous edits so if anyone has smart remark of an edit I'll see to it that they're dealt with.

I'm gonna see to it that this wiki lands back on it's feet and stays that way, I know what it takes to do that (thanks to some help from the Resident Evil wiki admins) and I wanna see a few volunteers to help with this cause i know other admins from other wikis won't be able to keep up on their own tasks and ours. If your reliable enough I'll see to it you get upgraded (with restrictions of course)

--Shadomega7569 19:02, March 12, 2013 (UTC)

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