So I found a game (or really Adsper did and I found out about it from his forum thread), but anyways I found it out waaaay over at the Fossils and Archaeology Revival Mod wiki, and it's called Prehistoric Kingdom and it's really cool. Just to give you an idea, here's the WIP animations for the Tyrannosaurus rex, Gallimimus, and Pteranodon!

Tyrannosaurus Animations Preview (WIP)02:05

Tyrannosaurus Animations Preview (WIP)

The Tyrannosaurus rex animations. There are also feathered Tyrannosaurus.

Gallimimus Model and Animation Preview (WIP)02:11

Gallimimus Model and Animation Preview (WIP)

The Gallimimus WIP animation preview. They also have a feathered version.

PK Pteranodon animation test (WIP)00:21

PK Pteranodon animation test (WIP)

The Pteranodon's short WIP animation video!

This game looks awesome. The models are great, the animations are awesome, and the AI so far looks really good. I've downloaded the tech demo (really barebones compared to what's going to be in the full as far as I can tell) and now all I need is a sequel to Tokyo Jungle and I will be happy xp

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