Well, I'm going to be making fanfictions for Tokyo Jungle. I'm currently making a 14-chapter book where each chapter is one of the Acts. I have 12 done, now I have to look up the last ones because I need to know the speaking parts xD

The names aren't right

"Act 1: Into the wild"

"Act 2: Family"

"Act 3: Lost without Love"

"Act 4: Beagle Uprising"

"Act 5: Run run"

"Act 6: Generations On"

"Act 7: Hunters and Hunted"

"Act 8: Spy in Red"

"Act 9: A Fateful Night"

"Act 10: Protected Forever"

"Act 11: All That's Left Bleeds Red"

"Act 12: Revenge"

"Act 13: A Messenger"

"Act 14: Final Decision/Tokyo Jungle"

No judging. If anybody judges I remove commenting.

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