So I've kinda been inactive for a while (inactive being a loose term. I've been on the wiki, I just haven't done anything). So I was gonna say that I'll finish adding the galleries to the animal pages soon enough, and also I've been writing the ultimate Tokyo Jungle guide, including how to beat the story mode, controls, game mechanics, about the NPCs, about the animals, the events, about Year 60 and Year 100, about challenges and bonuses and changing generations and passing on bonuses, pro tips, and even more, once I get around the that. What I've listed above is just the stuff I already have planned, I'll likely end up adding more. Once I finish it, I'm going to convert it to another file, probably PDF, and share it online for novice Tokyo Jungle players. Ah, I remember when I got my Japanese copy of Tokyo Jungle and consulted an online guide for the controls. c:

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