These are the following trophies that can be obtained through doing certain task's with in Tokyo


Achivement Requirement
First Hunt Defeat an animal in SURVIVAL.
First Mate Mate with a female in SURVIVAL.
World Debut Enter the online rankings.
Jungle Baby Complete the tutorial.
Furry Fashionista Wear a complete series of clothing.
Pedigree Survive for 10 generations in SURVIVAL.
Jungle Boy Survive 30 years in SURVIVAL.
Underdog Complete "Shattered Pride."
Master Of Shibuya Complete "The Return of the Tosas."


Achivement Requirement
Can Do Creature Finish all challenges in single playthrough.
Jungle Man Survive 45 years in SURVIVAL.
Tokyo Jungle Complete STORY and view the true ending.


Achivement Requirement
King Of The Jungle Survive 100 years in SURVIVAL.

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