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Come in, Transport AI Type D.

<...Emergency order received. Code verified... Activating.>

"You're ten years late in waking. Ten long years..."

<Food scarcity. Habitat loss due to disaster, natural and manmade. Casualties exceed one billion.>

"And rising. We can't leave the shelters. It's up to you and Lily. Find her. Activate her transducer."

It was pointed at one time that the latest generation of robotic dogs were the generation D. And before the real act begins, if you choose not to enter the storage container, ERC-003 says that he is a Wolf, and he will live and die with his family, but ERC-X points out that he is in a metal body controlled by an AI routine. And, earlier, in the thirteenth act ERC-X claims he has been looking for ERC-003, and that they have received an order, and mentioned a transducer later in the act. However, this may be connected to ERC-003 instead of ERC-X, as Act. 13: The Robotic Dog's Journey, it says The Robotic Dog had no memories and in the 14th act it claims The forgotten mission of the Robotic Dog, which could infer that the possible robot speaking in carrots could be ERC-003 rather than ERC-X. However, these connections could be completely irrelevant and coincidental.


Notice "Lily". This could just simply be there, or it could be the nickname of ERC-X or ERC-003. It would also mean one of them was hypothetically programmed to be female. Again, this is arguable.


What do you think? Do you think this has any connection to the Acts 13 and 14, despite the fact that you unlock it much earlier? I personally think it is true.

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