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The Maganeura are one of the six unplayable flying animals that appear within Tokyo Jungle.


Meganeura (Large Nerved) is a genus of extinct insects from the Carboniferous period approximately 300 million years ago. Meganeura were predatory, and fed on other insects.

Maganeura as Prey

The Maganeura is non-aggressive but will not appear until the 61st year, when other ancient animals begin to appear. They can only be found in Yoyogi Park West and East where they're typically hovering high above the ground, out the reach of most animals. Occasionally they can be found resting, where they can be attacked, or already dead. While they are quite big, they only have a single digit of Life and can be hunted by even the weakest of animals.


Often upon being killed, a Maganeura's corpse cannot be eaten.

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