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  • 480 (Adult)
  • 168 (Cub)

Points to Unlock

  • 54,000 (Lion)
  • 54,000 (Lioness)
  • 90,000 (Nomad)
  • 180,000 (Scarred)

Unlocked by




The Lion is the last big cat unlocked and comes in 4 different skins, each having different stats; Lion, Lioness, Nomad and Scarred. The Lion is one of only two playable animals that has a separate juvenile and adult stage. In Story Mode, the Pride Lions are at war with the Nomad Lions.


The Lion is one in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. Lions are the tallest of all living cats. The lioness (females) lack the male's thick mane and the color of the male's mane varies from blond to black, generally becoming darker as the lion grows older. In the lion pride the lionesses are the one who do the hunting and the male lion in the pride usually stays and watches the cubs while the lionesses are away. Lions can sleep for 17-20 hours a day.

Life as a Lion

The Lion is the fourth and final Size 4 Predator it is possible to play as. The four Lion types have their own strengths and weaknesses compared to the other Lions, with the basic Lion and the Nomad being the most average, the Lioness having superior base Hunger, and the Scarred having superior Defense. Overall, the adult Lions are reasonably easy to use, not suffering so much from the Hunger problems present in the Tiger, however Lions present their own challenge in the form of the Lion Cub.

Upon mating, instead of becoming a Lion straight away, you are placed in the role of the Lion Cub. Lion Cubs are only a size 2 predator, and are the slowest of any predator. They also have far weaker Attack and Defense power than the adults. In order to become an adult Lion, the Cub must first claim a territory and use the nest to sleep, which will instantly transform it into an adult, allowing mates to appear. It should be noted however that while in the form of a Cub, it takes far less Calories to Rank Up than when an adult, yet Ranks will still carry over into adulthood.

Unique Challenges:

Lions as Prey

Lion Cubs can actually be encountered in small packs of three or four in areas like the Shibuya Shop District even in early years. While posing little threat to all but the weakest Grazers, Lion Cubs are prone to using the enemy skill Mother Call whenever they encounter a threat or prey, which will summon three or more adult Lionesses to the scene. It's prudent to quickly dispatch any Lion Cub that's about to call. In the earlier years, this will only summon more cubs to the fight, which should not be a problem for any medium or larger predator. But in later years, cubs who manage to get a call out will summon adult lions, and so it is best to kill the cubs that are preparing to call first.

Adult Lions, Lionesses, and their Cubs will also appear to dominate both ends of the Yamanote Line fairly early on, making it one of the most dangerous places to visit for almost any animal. Even animals that boast great size or strength can find themselves quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of Lions in the area. It can help to use the tops of trains and shelters to travel across these areas, or escape onto them if spotted. The entrance to Yoyogi Park West is also a place Lions will often gather. Nomad and Scarred Lions are somewhat less common of a sight, but they can be found wandering around in Yoyogi Park East during the mid years.

While Lionesses can be tough, their Defense is easier to break than a Tiger's. The same cannot be said for any of the male Lions however, that boast Defense at least as tough to break as that of the Tigers. Lions tend to spend a lot of time resting, making them easy Clean Kill targets for size 3 predators like the Beagle or Wolf, however caution should be shown as other lions may be nearby and could prove difficult in open combat.

Adult Lions and Lionesses are able to perform the formidable Power Strike enemy skill, that can be charged up to three times then released for a devastating frontal assault. If a Lions's claw begins to flash, it's a good idea to move around it and attack from behind while it's distracted. It's also a good opportunity for weaker animals to flee. Lions are vulnerable to Clean Kills from predators such as the hyena or wolf. Scarred Nomad lions also have an additional Roar skill, which needs little time to perform and will stun any animals around it. Should he roar, quick mashing of the Square button is needed to shake off its effects.


Stats Style Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
Base Lion 120 150 80 45 20 290 Medium (4)
Max 420 350 100 245 40
Base Lioness 110 150 85 45 30 290 Medium (4)
Max 410 350 105 245 50
Base Nomad 120 150 80 45 20 290 Medium (4)
Max 420 350 100 245 40
Base Scarred 120 150 90 45 20 290 Medium (4)
Max 420 350 110 245 40
Base Cub See Adult 30 30 45 See Adult 248 Small (2)
Max See Adult 230 50 245 See Adult

Ranks & Mates


Rank Req. Kcals Mate Litter Size
Rookie 0 Desperate 2
Veteran 2200 Average 3
Boss 4400 Prime 4


Rank Req. Kcals
Rookie 0
Veteran 800
Boss 1600


Occasionally when playing with the Lion, when you change generations and become a cub, the cub will have high average or higher-than-normal (for a cub) speed. There is no way to fix this glitch, and it will stay like this until the next time you play with the lion, in which case it may still have 290 speed, however it does not always happen. This glitch is quite common.


  • Nomad lion.
  • Lioness.
  • Scarred lion.
  • Lion cub.
Tokyo Jungle - Lion Survival Part 1

Tokyo Jungle - Lion Survival Part 1

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