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This is where all glitches are gathered.

Animal Glitches

Here is a so-far compiled list of animals with glitches:

  • Tosa (specifically the Yokozuna)

The Zebra's glitch is that in the trailer there is a herd of Zebra being chased by a single Cheetah, however in the game the Zebra only spawns in ones and twos. (However, this may not be a glitch and may be purposeful coding to keep large amounts of Calories from the Predators.)

The Saber-Toothed Tiger glitch activates during the 14th act (however, it does not always activate). The leftmost Saber-Toothed Tiger may not roar and may just turn its head to the right as if staring at you if you were over to the right.

The Meganeura is a large insect you can kill, however if you attempt to eat it (for 88 kcals) the game can potentially break.

Occasionally, if fighting a Crocodile with a rather small Predator, if it kills one of your siblings, it will completely ignore the player and attempt to eat the corpse. It is not unusual for a Predator to be more attracted to a corpse than an assailant, but not normal for it to completely ignore the player, even when Critical Bitten.

The next glitch involves the Lion; or, in reality, the lion cub. Rarely, after the player mates, the lion cub will be spawned with 290 speed, rather than its customary 248 (most commonly with the Scarred Nomad. Lion.) It can also be spawned with 190 (usually with the Lioness), or 230 (with the unscarred Nomad Lion.)

The Yokozuna/Tosa glitch is a tiny flaw in the programming, where, if you equip the Mawashi (Yokozuna) item, it will claim that you are a Porcupine on the map screen.

Ambient/Environment Glitches

Here is the compiled list so far of ambient/environmental glitches:

The ERC-003 glitch is that before the 14th act is completed you can find his body in the Underground Facility so long as the Facility is unlocked.

There are two glitchy water puddles: the second one present in Shibuya Suburbs, and the second one present in Yoyogi Park West when entering from Yamanote Line West. In the latter, it is always possible to drink from it twice, as long as you walk onto it from the first puddle. This also applies to the first, however this glitch is much rarer. There is also a glitchy water puddle in Shibuya Woods.

Other Glitches

Here is a compiled list of glitches found yet:

  • Vanishing Body Glitch (any Predator)
  • Pack Mate Glitch
  • Running Corpse Glitch (any corpse)
  • Dead Mate Glitch

If you kill an animal with a Fatal Bite, there is a very rare glitch where the body will simply disappear. This seems to be more common if the killed animal is a type of canine.

Sometimes, your siblings will randomly run off in a direction. If they teleport back you, they will resume running in that direction. This appears to stop when you attack an animal that doesn't die from the first hit, if you leave the territory, or use the nest.

Occasionally, if you press forward on the right stick while using R1 to instantly deplete the life of a smaller fleeing animal (such as a Sika Deer) the animal will continue to glide, albeit more slowly, in whichever direction they were headed until they collide with a solid wall, in which case they will simply collapse as if they had been alive and the solid structure (wall, car, lamppost, trees, etc.) had killed them.

If, while mating, a Predator attacks and kills your mate, your player will continue to mate anyways. The screen will fade to black and the wolf howl will play as always, but your mate's corpse will be in place of where the mate usually stand by the player. Note that this does not affect gameplay at all. [1]

Audio Glitches

This column is about glitches that center around audio mishaps.

  • Marking Point
  • Ranking up

The marking point glitch is an anomaly that occurs if you click the O button several times fast enough for it to compute them. If you do said actions, your animal will mark the flag post, however it will play the audio cue for that animal one or two extra times.

If you fully consume an animal and rank up, but that animal also drops a gift box, it will open the gift and show you what is inside, all the while playing your animal's rank up noise. When the item disappears offscreen, your animal will play the animation and the audio once again for your rank up. ​Occasionally, the only the sound or animation may play.

AI Glitches

This is where glitches that mainly involve misuse of AI.

  • Question Icon

This is a fairly common glitch where an animal will completely forget about its surroundings after moving away from a certain area, causing it to have a question mark icon blink above its head and having it walk slowly back to where it began.

Unorganized Glitch List

If you discover a glitch, but don't have time to sort it into its correct grouping, just leave the name of it and a quick

A crocodile glitching.

explanation about what happens below, and eventually it will get sorted into the correct column.

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