ERC-X II Appearance

ERC-X II is a sort of Hyper ERC-X, looking much like a larger ERC-X wearing a type of jetpack with blue streaks running through the visor on the upper half of its face. It is an exclusive boss for Act. 14: Tokyo Jungle, and appears under no other circumstances.

ERC-X II Stats

While the actual Stats are not actually documented, as it is not playable under any circumstances and can only be fought with ERC-003, coupled with the fact that it rarely uses the basic attack and you are constantly being assailed by ERC-2000. It has three attacks and a combined attack.


Its most common but second-most powerful attack is its own custom Dash attack, where it will

ERC-X II and ERC-003 battling

freeze, roar and do the first section of this Dash. The first part takes skill to dodge, because simply walking out of the way it is looking will not work, as it will spin around and go after you anyways. After it misses or hits with the first part of the Dash attack, it will go and Dash in a random direction. Getting hit by this attack will knock you down, however if a ERC-2000 targets you for a Fatal Bite, it will jump you out of the Stun animation if you dodge quickly enough. However this Dash is a custom animation, as it uses its jetpack to sort of fly in a certain direction.

ERC-X II's second most common attack and weakest attack is where it stops and spins its head around in a complete circle, all the while shooting out balls of a plasma/firelike substance. They only do about twenty damage, but they knock you down and float around in random fashions. These can also hit ERC-2000s, knocking them down and dealing damage, but they will not become aggressive towards ERC-X II, unlike how another animal might. If you have enough skill to dodge all the electric floaty things, you can get a couple hits off on ERC-X II, because after pulling off the "fireball" attack it will stop, start smoking, and do the "Pant" animation for a few seconds.

ERC-X II's least common, most powerful, and easily most annoying attack is the Laser attack. When it begins to initiate the Laser attack, it will stand up on its hind legs. Then it will begin to spin in place without moving at the same time, and thin red lasers will shoot out of its sides. The first two or three rotations will deal no damage or knockback should they hit you, however the lasers will thicken and become the most dangerous things in the battle. Despite the fact that the damage-less rotations offer a break in ERC-X II's defense, as it will not retaliate (however it will not take recoil either and continue preparing the Laser attack and will not actually break the defense), it is best to start jumping the lasers the moment they start spinning, as it can become difficult to instantly jump into the pattern if you don't start at the beginning because the lasers increase in speed as the attack reaches the end. As with the Fireball attack, after completing the Laser attack ERC-X II will stop to smoke and pant, opening him to several attacks. ERC-X II cannot be Clean Killed or "Fatal Bite'd" by ERC-003 or presumably any other animal as it is not accessible in real Survival Mode: it can only be Critical'd if you manage to break its defense, which is a very difficult feat, like with the Dilophosaurus, as it extremely hardy and difficult to get combos on, as it tends to be constantly moving. The Laser attack also knocks down your character. The Laser attack often clears out many of the ERC-2000 also participating in the battle, and is usually what kills players during the battle. While a single hit from the laser doesn't do much damage, if you get hit thrice the third hit will do about one hundred life singly. Getting hit by the Laser attack almost certainly means you will have to use a Pet Medicine (L) or you run the risk of death.

ERC-X II can also use both the laser attack and the fireball attack at the same time, which is really very annoying. This attack usually occurs when ERC-X II has less than half it's health left, though there is a rare chance it can do it before said damage is done.


ERC-X II is an AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot). While the ERC-X II is a fictional version of AIBO, the true AIBOs are a series of robot pets designed and manufactured by Sony.

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