If you go to the place where ERC-003 died sometimes you will see a wolf sleeping beside

ERC-003 in his resting place.

dead ERC-003. It is believed by some that one of his parents found him. If the wolf sees you it will try to kill you and afterwards just go back to sleep.

This is all true, however the chance of the Wolf spawning on that tile is a 1 of 100 chance. However, this wolf will attack you despite your animal (with the exception of another wolf), even if you are an ERC-003, so this is more or less of a legend, because logically if the wolf was ERC-003's mother she would not attack him. This is, however, a purposeful programming, because no other animals spawn in ERC-003's final resting place. These wolves may actually be slightly stronger than your average wolf, as the defense is actually slightly harder to break, if you pay close attention.

Some people think the reason the wolf{s} attack you if your a ERC-003 is because the wolf thinks your a fake, since the ERC-003 is the only ERC-003.

There is also a chance for a duo of wolves to spawn, rather than just one.

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