Corpses, or cadavers, are the bodies of dead animals.

Defeated Animals

There are a few types of corpses; defeated animals, naturally deceased animals, and critically poisoned animals. A defeated animal's corpse is the body of an animal defeated by a nearby NPC, for instance: a Deinonychus killed by an ERC-2000, or an animal killed by the player(s), such as the player killing a Rabbit. A naturally deceased animal is the rarest naturally spawning cadaver to find. Presumably these animals died of hunger or old age. Occasionally, a Grazer might kill an animal, resulting in a faux-naturally deceased carcass, however that would still be considered a defeated animal. Critically poisoned carcasses are always intoxicated purple, and usually found in a place that is or used to be toxic. In the Sewers if you die of critical Toxicity, your body will be poisoned, and if a nearby CPU animal begins to eat you and you kill that animal, it's body will be poisoned as well.

Special Corpses

Special corpses are corpses that only occur via certain Events, and times. For instance, in the Mammoth or Elephant graveyard events, the territory will be filled with spoiled, or poisoned, Mammoth or Elephant carcasses.

Boss Corpses

Boss corpses are the cadavers of Boss animals from Boss animal-requiring events, such as the event "A Young Upstart has come to X", whereas the Boss corpse would be the corpse of the Young Upstart, or the Kingly Mane-wearing Lion Cub, or the event called "the Yokozuna has come to X", where the Boss corpse would be the body of the Boss Tosa called the Yokozuna.

Other Unique Corpses

Inedible Corpses: There are other types of unique corpses, too. For instance, a Homo Erectus corpse is unique in the fact that it is inedible to all other creatures. The same is true with the Robotic Dog remains and Office Worker remains {though you can't naturally see a office worker}

Toxic corpses: Mentioned above, there are Toxic corpses, as well. These are unique in the fact that they are edible, yet they can kill you if you consume too much of a poisoned corpse.

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