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Polar Bear

The Bear is strong but slow, and though it is omnivorous in real life it remains a carnivore in Tokyo Jungle. In Story Mode, The Bear Chief saves a Tosa and helps it regain its strength and honor.


The bear is one of any species of mainly omnivorous animals, minus a few exceptions. This bear is a type of brown bear. Brown bears are an omnivorous grouping of bear subspecies, the diets of these bears mainly consisting of berries, insects, meat, and fish. They range anywhere from Alaska, to Canada, to the middle United States. Species in the colder regions mainly eat fish and meat, due to plant life being harder to find, and available for a shorter time. Species further south will eat anything that they can, even going so far as raiding the trash of humans. With the mainly carnivorous diet of the bear of Tokyo Jungle, it could be a Kodiak. Kodiak bears are the second largest bear species, after the Polar bear, and live on the Kodiak Archipelago near Alaska.

Life as a Bear

The Bear is the first size 5 non-DLC predator it is possible to unlock on the lower branch of the predator tree. The Bear has reasonable base Life and Attack as well as very good Defense and attacks designed to break a foe's defense, making it best suited for open conflict, but can become quickly overwhelmed by multiple targets. While the Bear's movement speed is actually of a high average, its size makes it feel very heavy, its lunge distance is quite short, its base Stamina is low, and its attacks are slow and cumbersome. Due to these factors, the Bear has an extremely hard time giving chase to fleeing prey. The Bear can be quite challenging for a player not yet accustomed to the travel limitations imposed on size 5 animals, and as it cannot hide in tall grass to hunt, it can be of great aid to equip items such as the Bunny Beanie while learning the ropes.

Unique Challenges:

  • Claim the Polar Bear's Territory - Unlocks Polar Bear
  • Complete all B challenges - Rewards Bear Claw

Bears as Prey

Bears are difficult in a frontal fight, even with larger predators. Their attacks are slow, and easy to dodge. But if they do hit you, expect to hurt quite a bit. It is easiest to sneak up on the bear and try to deliver a clean kill. If you play as a species that cannot clean kill the bear, deliver as much damage as you can with your critical bites, and have a pack ready to back you up.


Stats Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
Base 150 150 90 25 30 290 Large (5)
Max 450 350 110 225 50

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals Mate Litter Size
Rookie 0 Desperate 2
Veteran 2000 Average 3
Boss 4000 Prime 4