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These appear in Present boxes in survival mode, the files inside are articles/reports/diary entries/etc. that explains the story a bit more than the gameplay of it. Every time you collect all the archives in a survival game you find you'll unlock another story level, once the story level is completed more archives will appear in a new game of survival

Zookeeper Record 1

February 8, 2027

The zoo animals have been restless recently. The fierce predators are particularly on edge, and fights are often breaking out between them. Feeding time has become quite frightening.

I think I'll talk to our vet about administering some tranquilizers...

Veterinary Report

I've never seen the animals in such an agitated state while I've been at the zoo.

I don't know what could be causing this, but one theory is they've ingested some sort of chemical that agitates them, making them turn much more savage than before.

Please check again to see if there's been any change to their diet.

Zookeeper Record 2

March 11, 2027

We've adjusted their diet, but the condition of the animals has yet to change. Even our Pomeranian at home seems agitated and unable to sleep.

I wonder if all animals in the area are suffering similar symptoms.

Newspaper Article 1

Zookeeper Critically Injured

About 7:30 a.m. on March 14, a worker at the zoo in Tokyo was attacked and critically injured by a bear. According to police, he suffered bites to his face and arms, and was still unconscious.

Staff at the zoo say animals are behaving strangely. Police are investigating the zoo's safety procedures, along with any possible connection to other animal-related incidents in the vicinity recently.

Newspaper Article 2

Pets Escape and Go Fleeing Down Dogenzaka

About 3:00 p.m. on March 24, some 100 pets escaped from a Shibuya pet shop. After fleeing en masse down Dogenzaka, they broke into several packs and began roaming about the city until the police were able to round them all up several hours later.

Newspaper Article 3

Rapid Rise in Owners Leaving Pets at Local Animal Shelters

On May 2, the Tokyo Chuo Animal Shelter announced a four-fold rise over the previous year in the number of pets they received. Many pet owners are claiming pets they have had for years are suddenly turning vicious. The shelter is now setting up a help desk offering advice on pet rearing.

Newspaper Article 4

Death Cases at Record High

On May 19, Metro Police said that deaths for the past 12 months had risen 120%. The rise was due to animal attacks, including a zookeeper mauled by a bear, three people killed by a pack of stray dogs, and a customer killed at a pet shop. At least another 500 animal attacks resulting in death have been reported. Metro Police and the National Society of Veterinary Medicine, are looking into possible causes.

Internet Posting 1

212: Anonymous User: 6/24/2027

I've decided to take my golden retriever to the animal shelter. I've had him over 10 years, but he bit my mother in the neck. She's now recover in intensive care. It breaks my heart, but what can I do?

213: Anonymous User: 6/24/2027

Turn on your TV everyone!

214: Anonymous User: 6/24/2027

Better lock your doors! A pack of vicious animals has escaped from the animal shelter after attacking a worker there!

Kaneda Mitz - The Compact Car of the Future - Available Now

Gasoline and even electricity are things of the past. The Kaneda Mitz, a brand new concept in compact cars, sports a biomass engine that is exceptional inits environmental friendliness while also delivering a comfortable ride. This car is our response to the demands posed by a new age. Kaneda Heavy Industries is aiming fora brighter 21st century through its proprietary mircobe fuel cell powered by organic matter.

Newspaper Article 5

New Developments in AI

A research group at the National Institute of Information & Science is developing a neural network-based AI that mimics the function of the human brain. They claim that this system is producing thought patterns extremely close to that of the human mind. An expert in the field predicts that with further advances in hardware performance and understanding of the mind, it will one day be possible to replace the human brain with a machine.

Press Release

Chemy has released the DRC-001, a robot designed for nursing care. It will be available for hire and is the latest evolution in robot technology that started with last year's BIBOT CRC-001, a robot for entertainment purposes. The DRC-001 can navigate safely through any environment with its four-leg-drive system featuring cutting-edge balancing, and can deliver advanced guide dog functionality. Chemy will continue to explore new markets, develop new technologies, and work hard to make the robot market grow.

METI Report

Measures and policies for a next-generation robot. 8/2/2023

The Ministry's Strategic Robotic Technology Development Project has selected Kaneda Heavy Industries, Chemy, and the National Institute of Science & Technology to form a joint team for commissions in the field of special environmental robotics. The Project will conduct R&D on self-fueling autonomous robot systems that can work at disaster and bioterrorism sites off-limits to humans, and collect information for extended periods.

Internet Posting 2

125: Anonymous User: 9/15/2027

A friend and I saw a strange creature while walking in Yoyogi Park the other day. It was similar to a bird that walked on four legs.

126: Anonymous User: 9/15/2027

I saw a strange creature eat a bird in Yoyogi Park as well. Was walking there one night, and you know that pond in the middle? I thought I saw an animal at the water's edge like a giant lizard, but it ran off on its hind legs before I could get a picture. Maybe it wasn't even a bird as it had teeth.

Newspaper Article 6

Body Found in Yoyogi Park

In the early morning of the 18th, a man was found collapsed on the ground in Yoyogi Park. Shibuya Police rushed to the scene, but he was already dead.

Police are reporting that he had suffered so many bites and scratches that it is difficult to identify the remains. They believe he may have been involved in some kind of violent encounter and ared working hard to get an ID.

Ministry Report 1

The Self-Defense Forces captured the strange beast that had been sighted in Yoyogi Park. Analysis revealed it is most likely a carnivorous dinosaur known as a Deinonychus from the Lower Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era. There is only a slim chance of a similar incident occurring again, but reports say it will be some time before the "Space-Time Disturbance" can be stabilized.

Newspaper Article 7

Numerous People Go Missing in Tokyo

Amid rising fears of a ballooning crime rate, a new disturbing trend has reared its ugly head. Large numbers of people are disappearing in Tokyo.

Metro Police say that missing person reports have risen 20 times the average over the past month. There are also many dubious reports from witnesses claiming that those who went missing vanished suddenly right in front of their eyes.

Professor's Diary 1

June 8, 2019

It seems the research lab's budge is to be drastically cut due to changes in government policy. My research team is likely to suffer the brunt of the cuts, what with our inability to produce results recently. We'd better do something soon...

Professor's Diary 2

June 20, 2019

Some group sent me a really strange email today. They claim to be from the future, and as proof of that, they attached research data on my field of study 200 years from now. It must be spam and the attachment is probably a virus.

Still, if I had research results from 200 years in the future, it would reduce the possibility of our budget being cut.

Professor's Diary 3

June 25, 2019

I don't believe it... The research data seems to be real. Even if it is not from the future, it still merits further study. If it is 100% correct, it will advance modern quantum physics by several hundred years. The data even spells out all the theories and proofs in a crystal clear manner. Who wrote all of this and where did it come from?

Professor's Diary 4

June 29, 2019

I've received another email from "them" for lack of a better term. A catastrophic global environment, a global population cut to 10,000 and nowhere to escape due to space debris around the planet... I've been entrusted with giving "them" hope where they had none before.

I will write a report based on the research data I received and submit it to the Budget Committee next month. That should secure my research team's future.

Ministry Announcement

FY2021 Report on High-Level Research Aid Program

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) adopted the Quantum Research Institute's "Research on the Localization of Wave Functions" for use in its High-Level Research Center Program, that aims to develop top-level research and researchers. The Institute will receive financial aid for the next 10 years, and if it produces results within that period, aid may be extended for five more.

Professor's Diary 5

October 5, 2021

MEXT approved our "Research on the Localization of Wave Functions." To prevent any suspicions, I told the Ministry that we were working towards practical applications in about 100 years, while in fact, with this data, applications will likely be possible within the next few years. This is a big step towards saving "them." But their time is short. I must speed up the project at all costs.

Professor's Diary 6

January 9, 2023

We'll finally complete the wave converger prototype tomorrow. It's far from the output level we need, but it should allow us to test primary functionality. But even I can't foresee what sort of results we'll get. I understand the basic theory, but as for actual applications, all I have to go on is "their" data. We'll finally see if "they" are serious or if this just one rather huge lie. My research career may very well be over come tomorrow.

Assistant's Record 1

January 10, 2023

The Professor's experiment was a success. Most of his theories have been evaluated and proven at this stage. The results we obtained were completely unexpected, so much so that they will rock the world. All this after only several months of work.

It doesn't make sense. We were on the verge of having our budget eliminated for lack of progress. It's almost as if we were being secretly manipulated by someone.

Ministry Report 2 based on the aforementioned concerns, the Wave Function Localization Project is hereby temporarily frozen, and we also suggest that the lab facility be moved. To lower expenses and keep this work from the media, we could move the lab to the emergency development area being built under Shibuya. If it goes well, this project will cement Japan's status in not only quantum physics, but also science & technology overall. We thus hope other Ministries will quickly lower their resistance to cross-ministerial cooperation.

Ministry Report 3

The wave convergence tests continue to proceed smoothly, even after the facility move. The basic principle has been established and the research team has already started testing the coordinate transformer. The only issue at the moment is the damage the transformer sustained from the electromagnetic waves generated while it was running. This can be prevented with a special coating, but there is also the problem of EM disturbances it causes above ground. There is no harm to the human body, but an urgent response is still required.

Professor's Diary 7

I heard from "them" again after a seven-year silence. This time, they attached a program that can resolve the transformer's instability. But to run the program, we'll need a self-learning/developing processing unit that is mapped onto a neural network. I'll put forward a proposal at the next meeting. I sincerely hope that they can fit this into our budge.

Ministry Report 4

Regarding the processing unit the research team proposed as a way to stabilize the transformer, we are considering the use of the ERC-001, a disaster response probe developed under METI supervision. It meets spec requirements, is resistant to radiation, and is unaffected by EM waves. Though the project does not require a mobile system with arms and legs, the ERC-001 is to be used as-is. As a product of industry, government, and academia, making special requests would only draw unwanted attention.

Professor's Diary 8

April 6, 2027

We're on our 15th day of the secondary test sequence. The transport site at this end is still unstable, but the other end is coming along nicely. However, the transformer's EM waves are causing chaos for the people above ground. While I do feel some distress over this, countless lives depend on our work. I fear we have no choice but to press on.

Professor's Diary 9

October 5, 2027

We're on our 32nd day of the final test sequence, but just as I had feared, the calculations are a bit off. As far we can tell at this point, only objects of the same mass as those sent here can be transported - to where we do not know. All manner of things have been disappearing: cars, trees, animals, and even people. I believe there is no way to break free of the Law of Conservation of Mass, but "they" insist there is. Who will be proven right?

Assistant's Record 2

October 17, 2027

Our tests are moving forward, but all is not well. The time of this sequence launch and the chaos above ground is a near perfect match. Animals are going feral and crime in Tokyo is skyrocketing. Then there are ever increasing numbers of missing persons and the appearance of prehistoric creatures. Perhaps our tests are the cause of all of this. I should probably suggest we temporarily halt our work, at least for now.

Ministry Report 5

The test sequence is producing results far beyond expectations. But reports say the EM disturbances are so widespread now that they are beyond any corrective measures. Some people are highlighting a link between the tests and the rising crime rate and missing persons cases. We will look into temporarily halting further tests once the test sequence is complete.

Professor's Diary 10

October 21, 2027

We're now on our 48th day of the final test sequence. In days, transporting of major categories such as entire specific species should be possible. However the Ministry has now decided to temporarily halt testing once the test sequence is done. They want an in-depth study on the effects of the EM waves being generated. Just when the system was so close to stable operation. We need to get as much work done now while we still can.

Official Bulletin

We have an emergency situation on our hands. During tests at the facility under Shibuya, system output suddenly spiked, generating a powerful EM field. The whole team working there is now comatose after suffering acute EM radiation exposure. Please dispatch an ERC to rescue the staff and survey the damage. Just as output spiked, the transformation of a large particle projection space was observed. This will no doubt have a major impact on our temporal axis. Stop the system immediately.

Memory Log 1

It's been a decade since the Transport AI Type D's forced transport disaster. In a scant 10 years, the world's population has been halved.

We've tried everything imaginable to remotely operate the units that were inactive at the time of the event without result.

Is mankind fated to simply die out?

Official Bulletin 2

Come in, Transport AI Type D.

<...Emergency order received. Code verified... Activating.>

"You're ten years late in waking. Ten long years..."

<Food scarcity. Habitat loss due to disaster, natural and manmade. Casualties exceed one billion.>

"And rising. We can't leave the shelters. It's up to you and Lily. Find her. Activate her transducer."

Memory Log 2

In the year 2215, Earth's environment underwent a rapid and precipitous decline. Atmospheric pollution resulted in abnormal weather and desertification. Food and resources ran short.

Preliminary calculations show the world population falling to a quarter of the current level in 50 years, and 1/1,000th in 100 years. In 200 years, the population will fall to zero.

Memory Log 3

Mankind has initiated the Second Relocation Project in an effort to save itself and its civilization. They will travel back in time to the decade between 2020 and 2030 using a Space-Time Transporter.

A Space-Time Transporter will need to be built in the decade between 2020 and 2030 to make this possible.

Achieving the Project's objective will be the top priority of all concerned. The First Relocation Project involving relocation beyond Earth has been abandoned.

Memory Log 4

Transport AI Type D-5 has been developed back in the relocation decade. The Space-Time Transporter will soon transport the whole population of 2215 to 2027, but the Law of Conservation of Mass dictates that the transfer of a large population may disrupt the state of the space model's transfer function, with devastating results for the Earth's environment. Thus, there must be counterbalancing mass, i.e., the entire population of 2027 must be transported to 2215.

Memory Log 5

Transport AI Types D1 to D5 must strictly guard against information about the Project falling into the hands of the 2027 population. In particular, they must never hear of their forced transport to the year 2215.

Memory Log 6

The forced transport is planned for 15:00 on October 22nd, 2027.

At the same time, Transport AI Type D5 will commence Phase 3, raising transducer output to maximum and then executing a program that will start the relocation of the whole population of 2215.

17:08 the same day. Phase 4 commenced upon relocation completion. Now standing by for further instructions.

Memory Log 7

Emergency command code: Nearly all Transport AI Type D units have been forcibly transported along with the whole population of 2027. It seems this was caused by the biosystem based on human DNA sequences.

The remaining units that failed to be transported due to the biosystems failure to activate now must engage in an all-out project recovery effort. They are to restart the Space-Time Transporter ASAP and start the transport of the 2215 population.