Use That Instinct
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Shibuya Suburbs

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Red Sweater

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Act 3

The Pomeranian, feasting on Rabbits and taking territory from Cats, has grown into a fully-fledged hunter. Along with Pomeranian pride, an uncontrollable urge has awakened.


This Act will continue the journey of the Pomeranian as he searches for a mate and starts his new family in the wild.

Task 1 -Find a Female-

Follow the scent of the female Pomeranian through the territory of Boars. The player must use all their skills of stealth and agility to avoid, kill, or outrun these highly territorial animals.

Other Animals: Chick, Chicken, Rabbit, Boar, Crow

Task 2 -Head for an Apartment-

With their Prime female, the player must head for the apartment in the west of the Suburbs, all while keeping her safe from harm. The great Boar Daimyo will stand between them and the apartment. Extremely risky to fight with a mate to protect, it might be best to avoid it all together.

Task Boss: Boar

Other Animals: Rabbit, Cat

Task 3 -Bring Food to Parents-

Taking control of the two young pups sired by our Pomeranian, the Pomeranian puppies must head out of their apartment lair and learn to hunt for themselves. Bring fresh kill back to the parents' Nest.

Other Animals: Chick, Chicken, Rabbit

Task 4 -Bring Better Food-

With their first prey turned down by their parents, the Pomeranian puppies must go find something better to eat. On the ground, the player'll come face-to-face with the boss Cat and its pack, a decent prize if it can be claimed.

Task Boss: Fat Cat

Other Animals: Cat


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