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Act. 1

Mankind has vanished, leaving Tokyo overrun with animals fighting to survive. Let's have a look at this brave new order.


The tutorial will initially take the place of Survival Mode the first time a player starts a game. Its purpose is to introduce players to the very basics of game play and give them a feel for the strange new world of Tokyo Jungle. Once completed, it can be replayed any time by selecting it in Story Mode.

Step 1 -Stealth-

Animal: Pomeranian

Take control of the Pomeranian and learn the basics of avoiding stronger animals through the use of tall grass.

Other Animals: Wolf

Step 2 -Hunting-

Animal: Cat

Take control of the Cat and learn about the Hunger gauge and the basics of stealth hunting and eating.

Other Animals: Rabbit

Step 3 -Combat-

Animal: Beagle

Take control of the Beagle and learn the basics of open combat, breaking an opponent's guard, and avoiding and countering critical hits.

Other Animals: Hyena

Step 4 -Grazers-

Animal: Sika Deer

Take control of the Sika Deer and learn how to survive as a grazer; avoiding predators, eating plants, and fleeing.

Other Animals: Wolf, Hyena

Step 5 -Territory and Breeding-

Animal: Retriever

Take control of the Retriever and learn the basics of aging, claiming territory, raising your rank, and mating.

Other Animals: Rabbit, Chick, Chicken, Cat, Sika Deer, Chimpanzee, Hyena, Gazelle, Blackbuck, Sheep, Crow

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