A Spy Is Born
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Act. 9

Today brings another request for help from the Nomad Lions. For your support, the Hyenas will be allowed to hunt in the Lion's territory. The Hyenas' top-secret work is once again about to begin.


In this act you take on the role of a hyena under the command of the nomad lions. You must use your cunning to locate the Pride's alpha male and return unseen.

Task 1 -Find the pride without being seen-

To reach the location of the alpha lion, you must cross from the far eastern end of the Yamanote Line to the far west without a single lion spotting you.

Other Animals: Rabbit, Porcupine, Axis Deer, Sheep, Goat, Boar, Cheetah, Lion, Lioness, Crocodile, Buffalo, Crow

Task 2 -Report to the nomad boss-

You must now returned to the scarred nomad lion still without being seen by any of the pride lions. Upon your return you'll be spotted by a lion cub that you must chase down and kill before it can reach the other lions.

Other Animals: Chicken, Lion Cub, Axis Deer, Goat, Cheetah, Lion, Lioness, Crocodile, Crow


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