1,000 Miles from Mother
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Sika Deer


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You're a lost fawn desperately seeking your mother. Her protection is needed for you to survive in this predator-infested city. Follow your mother's faint scent to feel her love again.


Take the role of a young Sika Deer fawn and its sibling as you attempt to track your mother's scent through a predator-infested city. Use all your cunning and agility as a grazer to survive this trial.

Task 1 -Follow Parent's Scent-

Track your mother from the Suburbs into the Shopping District. You'll need to learn the grazer's skill for double jumping and the use of containers as cover if you wish to pass through the Hyena's territory.

Other Animals: Hyena, Crow

Task 2 -Follow Parent's Scent #2-

With your mother nowhere in sight, you are spotted by a hungry Cheetah. To survive, you're forced to sacrifice your partner. Now you must traverse the Hyena territory alone...

Other Animals: Cat, Hyena, Cheetah, Lioness, Crow

Task 2 -Follow Parent's Scent #3-

Still unable to find her, you'll have to leave the Shopping District and pass through the deadly territory of the Deinonychus in Shibuya Station.

Other Animals: Hyena, Gazelle, Deinonychus, Crow


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