Pampered to Survival Mode
Pomeranian a thumb

Focus Animal



Shibuya Suburbs

Set Equipment

Red Sweater

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Act. Ex

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Act. 2

The pet food at home has run out and there's no one left to care for you. You must now fend for yourself. It's time to wake the wild beast within the Pomeranian.


This act will focus on the Pomeranian's journey as he learns to hunt and fight in this new kill-or-be-killed world of survival.

Task 1 -Hunt Three Rabbits-

Quickly learn to hunt for yourself before you starve to death.

Other Animals: Rabbit, Crow

Presents: Pet Medicine (M)

Task 2 -Find a Lair-

With your stomach full, find a lair you can bed down in for the night. Before you can do this though, you'll have to exterminate the lair's current residents.

Other Animals: Cat

Task 3 -Defeat the Cat-

The defeat of the alley cats has drawn the attention of the boss cat. Defeat it to claim the lair as your own.

Task Boss: Fat Cat


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