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The reason Mankind vanished... The forgotten mission of the Robotic Dog. The Robotic Dog feels reality closing in. Has this tale reached its end?


In this act you take on the role of ERC-003 as it decides whether to bring mankind back, or leave them to their self-created extinction.

Task 1 -Head for the Monitor Room-

You are faced with a choice; Activate the machine and bring mankind back, or shut down the facility and keep the planet for the animals. Activating the machine would be the compliant thing to do, but in ERC-003's mind it knows the right thing to do... defeat ERC-X and stop the device at once!

Task Boss: ERC-X

Presents: Pet Medicine (L)

Task 2 -Escape the Underground Facility-

With the device deactivated, you have just 12 minutes to escape the facility before it permanently locks down. But you will be hounded every step of the way by the countless number of security robots as well as other security measures.

Task Bosses

Other Animals: Deinonychus, Dilophosaurus, ERC-2000

Presents: Pet Medicine (L) x6, Bottled Water (16 oz), Primo Pet Food x2

Possible Glitch

Against the Saber-Toothed Tigers, there is a possible glitch where the leftmost Saber-Toothed Tiger will not play the animation for the roar, and will only play the roar sound.


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