The Robotic Dog's Journey
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The Robotic Dog had no memories, then a messenger appeared. And so began the tale of the Robotic Dog and his quest to find his roots.


The disaster response probe ERC-X has finally tracked down ERC-003 and they must start their journey to discover the Underground Facility and the true fate of mankind.

Task 1 -Activate the receiver in the Shibuya suburbs-

Travel to the highest point in the Shibuya Suburbs and activate the receiver their with the aid of ERC-X. Once the receiver has been activated, you will meet the Yokozuna, who will test your mettle in combat.

Task Boss: Tosa wearing the Mawashi (Yokozuna) and Bear Claws.

Notable Animals: ERC-003's Wolf Family, Pomeranian Family, Fat Cat

Other Animals: Chick, Chicken, Rabbit, Cat, Hyena, Gazelle, Thoroughbred, Crow

Task 2 -Activate the receiver by Shibuya station-

Use either the Sewer system or the shopping district to reach your destination in Shibuya Station.

Notable Animals: Boss Hyena, Scarred Nomad Boss Lion

Other Animals: Chicken, Rabbit, Cat, Jackal, Hyena, Gazelle, Boar, Cheetah, Nomad Lion, Deinonychus, Crocodile, Elephant, Crow, Archaeopteryx

Task 3 -Activate the receiver in Shibuya woods-

Use either the Sewer or head through Dogenzaka to reach your next destination in Shibuya Woods.

Notable Animals: Boss Hyenas, Jackal wearing a Flak Vest and Terrible Claws

Other Animals: Chicken, Rabbit, Porcupine, Jackal, Hyena, Axis Deer, Cheetah, Panther, Deinonychus, Crocodile, Crow

Task 4 -Activate the receiver at the Yamanote Line-

Head north to the Yamanote Lines then all the way west to reach your next destination in Yamanote Line West. As you set off after activating the receiver, you will see a lion cub being attacked by three Deinonychus. Despite ERC-X's objections, you slay them to save the cub.

Task Boss: Deinonychus x3

Notable Animals: Boss Hyenas, Allied Lion Cub

Other Animals: Sika Deer, Lycaon, Hyena, Gazelle, Goat, Panther, Crocodile, Buffalo, Crow, Pteranodon

Task 5 -Activate the receiver in Yoyogi Park-

Head southeast through Yoyogi Park to reach the final receiver and learn the location of the facility...

Notable Animals: Boss Lycaon, Boss Hyena

Other Animals: Chimpanzee, Lycaon, Hyena, Sheep, Panther, Deinonychus, Crocodile, Dairy Cow, Hippo, Kangaroo, Dilophosaurus, Giraffe, Crow, Archaeopteryx, Meganeura


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