To the End of the Sewer
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Act. 12

The Nomads and Hyenas failed to take over the pride, but their ambition is still intact. Their next target is...


In this act, the player takes the role of a Hyena as it traverses the Sewers undetected in order to invade the Beagle territory and assassinate their alpha.

Task 1 -Traverse the sewers-

The player must enter the Sewers at Shibuya Woods , and follow them all the way south to the Suburbs without being spotted by any of the Beagle scouts.

Other Animals: Cat, Beagle, Crocodile

Presents: Discount Pet Food x2

Task 2 -Assassinate the Beagle boss-

Exiting the Sewer, the player will find themselves in the Suburbs, not far from the lair of the Beagle boss. They must use stealth to avoid detection by the Beagles, and assassinate their alpha.

Notable Animals Beagle Boss wearing the Mawashi (Yokozuna)

Other Animals: Rabbit, Beagle


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