A Fateful Meeting
Tosaken a thumb

Focus Animal



Shibuya Woods

Set Equipment

Bear Claw

Previous Chapter

Act. 9

Next Chapter

Act. 11

Escaping pursuit from the Beagles, the Tosas reached Shibuya Woods. Without a place to call their own however, life now hangs by a thread.


In this act we return to the Tosa as he struggles to survive after his loss to the Beagles. Aided by the great Bear Chief of Shibuya Woods, the Tosa agrees to help rid the Bear's territory of the three animals that ravage it; the crocodile, the tiger, and the chimpanzee. The Bear Chief gives him Bear Claws to help in his battles.

Task 1 -Defeat the Three Bosses-

To regain your courage you must hunt down and kill the three animal bosses of Shibuya Woods. The Crocodile to the west, the Tiger to the east, and the Chimpanzee to the north.

Task Bosses

Notable Animals: Great Bear Chief, Cats wearing Hardhats, and Chimpanzees wearing Terrible Claws

Other Animals: Porcupine, Cat, Chimpanzee, Lycaon, Gazelle, Blackbuck, Boar, Panther, Crocodile, Kangaroo, Crow

Presents: Pet Medicine (M) x5, Primo Pet Food, Hearty Chicken Breast


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